Friday, May 17, 2013

Cicadapocalypse — The Reboot.

I'm back.

This isn't to say how long I'm back or what direction the blog will take, but I'm back. I have left the miasma of corporate life for a fluid juggling of entrepreneurial life, parenting and partnership, and occasional freelance work. It's fair to say that I am facing down a lot of demons and the deeper effects of PTSD. I am also working to reopen parts of myself that were shut down over the past few years.

For a while, I thought I'd start a new blog, one focused specifically on food and drink or one that delved back into parenting. Then, I realized I am at my best when I poke at all the things I love. And all the things that distract me. That's where this blog started in the first place in the spring/summer of 2004.

At the time, I was stopping off in Dayton, OH, after the melt-down of my marriage to The Kid's mom. The blog was a chance for me to keep writing and process life. At the same time, the Brood X 17-year cicadas were blanketing Ohio, Indiana, and beyond. 

Nine years later, Richmond is about to experience the same blanketing. At the same time, I am seeing constant reminders of and bookends to pieces of my life. Moreover, my business and personal lives have taken me back to connections from when I first landed in RVA that summer. There is my life with business partners and a wonderful-but-complicated relationship at home. Add to that the building of a business that is a long-time dream I remember discussing as far back as college, and it's a pretty profound time.

So, yeah. I'm back. I started this blog as a way to process what was going on in life and to keep my hand in writing. There's no reason not to sit down at the table again with this old friend and have a really good conversation.