Sunday, June 05, 2011

A couple updates

A couple months ago, I wrote about our experience taking the Coldwater Cru to Russian River Brewing for their Sour and Barrel-aged Beer Symposium. The beer was described as "sick" and young. Yvan de Baets of Brasserie de la Senne explained that in approximately three months, the slickness brought about by the pediococcus would disappear and the flavors would shine.

He was right. We uncapped a couple of bottles recently and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the sourness and oakiness of the beer shone. It was all the proof we needed to begin planning for more of these, and it's exciting to think about a barrel-aging room in the brewery.


As we move closer and closer to having the business plan finalized and ready for potential investors, we've begun to circle back around to questions of identity and branding. One question in particular that has been coming up is which beers to call our flagship brews. Piloting on the Brew-Magic, we've been able to get at least six recipes down that we're happy with, but obviously that is too many beers to lead with. Four is the max. Two might be even better.

But what to do when you like all of the beers, and they could all be great year-round drinkers? What beers do you lead with? Do you lead with the beers that are closer to commonly enjoyed styles? Or do you hit the market with beers that push the envelope? Ultimately, we're trying to find the right balance between popular styles (IPAs) and rustic styles that are more in keeping with our more creative brewing interests.

That said, dear reader, what are your favorite styles? What beers do you seek out AND return to? Let's hear it.