Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Picked up from Crooks and Liars:


UPDATE: Brian linked this here, and he added a nice little comment to Republicans about their ability to do satire.

I would also add that our current generations of Republicans do satire the way they do governance: ham-fisted and badly. In fact, I've come to the conclusion that Republicans only care about protecting profits and the profiteers. After all, thinking about the shambles of the past eight years and the Reagan/Bush years of the eighties, what other conclusion can one draw? The protection of the environment is handed over to the people who see resources as something to be exploited not protected, other species as a hindrance rather than part of an ecosystem. Regulation of the health care industry is handed over to people who see it as a profit vehicle rather than something that can (and should) ensure the care and well-being of anyone who needs it rather than anyone who can pay for it. Regulation of our financial industries is handed over to people who honestly seem to believe that debt itself is a commodity, and that corporate profits are the truest sign of a healthy economy. The military is run by people who have a vested interest in proving that might makes right, who embody what Truman warned us against. The educational system is handed over to people who do not believe that a system of education can work. Protection of our citizens is completely abdicated by a ruling class that believes businesses with no civic ethic can regulate themselves and who believe that social darwinism can really work. And we land here.

Is it any surprise that I want to see a better world for my daughter?