Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why are hiccups a bad thing?

Conversation this evening:

ME: Where did you get the hiccups?

BANANA: I don't know.

ME: You didn't have them earlier, so you must have gotten them somewhere.

BANANA: From you?

ME: No. Hiccups aren't contagious.

BANANA: From Reilly?

ME: No. He's a dog, and I already said hiccups aren't contagious.

BANANA: From the Hiccup Fairy?

ME: More like the Hiccup Troll.


ME: Because hiccups are a bad thing.

BANANA: Why are hiccups a bad thing?

ME: (stymied)I have no idea, sweetie. They just are.

BANANA: (giggling)April Fools!