Thursday, April 03, 2008


I gave notice at the university today. It was surprisingly nerve-wracking and difficult. So much so that the pain in my stomach doubled me over at times. I dreaded telling my staff, and just the thought was enough to turn my stomach again as I was discussing it with my boss. Beyond that, I am dealing the frustration that I'm jumping ship right in the middle of major projects, major projects that were my signature accomplishments over the past three and a half years. Regardless, change is a good thing. In this case, change will bring more money and a chance to get out of the managerial/bureaucratic line for a while. It will also bring a return to advertising and marketing.

This blog started a few weeks before I joined the university in 2004. I wrote very occasionally on it until last year, after the shooting. Since then, it has become a more regular fixture of my weeks. My plan is to continue to refine and focus it as I shift gears into the next chapter of life in Richmond.

Richmond, a.k.a. the smallest city in the world.


In the background, Bowie's "Heroes" is playing. Old pool teammates may remember that I always played it on the juke box during my matches.