Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random 10, etc. (late evening notes)

In honor of Incertus, here is this evening's random 10:
1. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – The Pogues
2. Saturn Return – R.E.M.
3. The Old Grunt – Guided By Voices
4. A Little Soulful Tune – Taj Mahal
5. No Birds Today – Cowboy Junkies
6. What Is This Note? – Eels
7. Fire On Babylon – Sinéad O'Connor
8. The Colossus Crawls West – Guided By Voices
9. Mistress – Red House Painters
10. Dash 7 – Wilco


Spent some time in Forest Hill Park again this weekend. Our public spaces became a source of fascination (and pleasure) for me long ago, but what particularly interests me is the effort that went into creating remarkable urban facsimiles of nature. And the degree to which these same spaces were ignored and left to ruin a half century later. What is the predilection of much of this country against public spaces which results in this sort of neglect? That is one question that continues to fascinate.


John McCain has begun to remind me of Bob Dole. He is, after all, another supposedly-honorable, war-hero senator who seems to have been offered up as a sacrificial lamb in a very bad—increasingly bad, even—electoral climate.