Monday, February 04, 2008

super bowl ads

First: Go New York!

Second: These are the ads that rose to the surface (or at least stuck with me) through this year's crop of ads—a crop that seemed to be heavily tilted toward movie references...
  • Audi R8 — Beyond the fact that the car is outrageously cool, the rich man waking up with the decapitated grill of his Rolls next to him was a brilliant homage.
  • Budweiser, the Rocky ad — As cheesy as this one was, it made me and everyone else in the room laugh.
  • Bud Light with Will Ferrell — I will have to find this one on YouTube. Sentences don't do it justice.
  • — The heart jumps out of her body and trots into the boss's office to quit. A little silly, but effective nonetheless.