Wednesday, February 06, 2008

random musings for Wednesday

I could write long posts on any of these, except I can't because my spare time seems to have evaporated along with winter...
  • I am completely psyched that Trader Joe's (!) and Whole Foods have finally decided to crack the Richmond market (pun fully intended). I am disappointed, however, that neither company chose to reuse an existing structure, thereby reducing the amount of unnecessary building and traffic-inducing sprawl.
  • Stress is general all across the land. No one I know ever seems to have enough time for all the things that need to get done. And no matter how efficient you try to be, there is always the chance that something will throw off the daily rhythm. And increase the stress.
  • The developing Democratic primary race is fascinating. No matter what happens, this will be an historic election. And no matter what happens I don't think Nuts McCain will win.
  • I have never been a pro football fan in my life, but I still found myself cheering out loud during the last two minutes of the Super Bowl.
  • It is forecast to hit 80 degrees in Richmond today. In February.
  • I have lived with one variety of pain or another for 317 days. But when life gets me (or you) down, think of sun and water.

Back to ticking things off my to-do lists.