Tuesday, October 30, 2007

immunity absurdity

I'm glad the Democrats are making some noise about the absurd decision to grant "limited-use" immunity to the Blackwater mercenaries. I just wish for some reason to believe that their bluster will actually come to any result. Unfortunately, Bush&Co are brilliant at both crafting messages to relegate critics to crank status and doing whatever they damn well please.

At this point, the whole administration has become a tragicomedy of Shakespearean proportions. From faked FEMA news conferences to faked photo ops to the decision to protect mercenaries who randomly killed people to the ability to ignore calls for increased information, this administration has made a joke of our country and citizenry. As public servants, they have done nothing more than fuel their own machiavellian ambitions, and whoever takes over the reins will be left with more messes than we can possibly imagine.

And we owe most of it to the Supreme Court, a court that was less Conservative than the court we inherit.