Monday, October 29, 2007


You'd think by 37 I would know how to do things like get a furnace up and running. I have friends who can renovate whole houses, who know this sort of useful information by rote. Me? I had to consult a few guides to figure out why the furnace was blowing cold. (Mind you, I wouldn't have the furnace running except that 61 degrees was a little low for Banana.) Anyway, my next step was to climb up into the attic crawl space. Thankfully, there was a light switch up there, since my flashlight was dying. With a little bit of work and a Swiss Army knife (it was closer than the toolbox), I took the cover off and lit the pilot.


I have friends who can renovate whole houses, and I have to learn how to do basic home maintenance stuff like this.

navel-gazing moment over