Thursday, June 28, 2007

SCOTUS madness

The GOP couldn't hold their majority in the Senate and Congress, and Bush is at historic lows in the approval ratings. We as a country--and the world at large--are stuck with the bad choices that have been made in our names. But it seems clear that the longest lasting and potentially most damaging legacy is also the one that cannot be undone: the Supreme Court.

As the decisions roll in, it is clear that the Bush&Co have succeeded in establishing a court that will protect neocon interests in the near and long terms. From civil rights to environmental protections to the rights of consumers to hold corporations accountable to many, many other issues, the five justices most beholden to the Bush dynasty--Scalia, Alito, Roberts, Kennedy, and Thomas--threaten to hold progressive interests hostage for generations.

This, I suppose is the sad and sick irony of Bush's original appointment by the SCOTUS. And it's going to haunt us for a long, long time.