Thursday, June 28, 2007

food, good food

A note to all my vegan and committed-vegetarian friends: this post may offend.

I neglected to take a picture of the crabcakes last night. Too bad, too, because they were perfect. Local crab tossed with a light mixture of egg (also local and organic), mayonnaise (I'm not up to making my own yet), cumin, hot paprika, celery seed, lemon juice, worcestishire, and a dash of breadcrumbs to bind them. Rather than pan-cooking them, I opted for the broiler. The old stove is electric, but they came out perfectly. We had them with rice and a salad of local lettuces, feta (not local), and yellow pepper (as local as the Netherlands). Good stuff.

Tonight's dinner selection was a little more mundane, and unfortunately involved fewer locally-sourced ingredients. Nonetheless, a hearty meal of spaghetti after a day of running around on the rocks and playing in the water... well, it's good too.