Tuesday, March 08, 2011


After six or so months of brewing on the Brew-Magic, we have hit a good rhythm, and by and large, we have our process nailed down. It's exciting to see recipes coming together and hear the feedback. What is also exciting is taking the beer we first brewed in the current brewing space and playing with it.

This particular beer is a soured Belgian-style ale. The ABV clocks in just shy of 10%, and it was fermented with both Brett and Saccharomyces (non-brewers should stay tuned for a further explanation of these wild yeasts in another post). The recipe was loosely based on the Abbaye de Bon Saint-Chien BFM and another beer that shall remain un-named. The beer was brewed in September and has rested until now. Three weeks ago, we dosed half of the beer with toasted French oak that had been soaked in Chambourcin from a friend's winery in Loudoun County. The beer's sour character jived beautifully with the oak flavor and the light fruit flavors of the young Chambourcin. The result as we bottled the first couple cases last week was already moving to another level. I'm excited to see what this beer does as it continues to age and what happens when we run it again.

And that, my friends, is our first running of the Grand Cru.