Tuesday, November 03, 2009


You may wonder why I've been so silent lately (and really for a while now). I've been wondering that too. I pondered whether it was because I was directing too much attention at Twitter and other online pursuits, not to mention a minor entrepreneurial concept a friend and I are developing. I've considered my parenting and workload as possibilities for eclipsing my blog time. I've considered the possibility that I should change the focus of the blog to jolt myself back into writing.

Really it's none of these. Or at least not a specific ONE reason.

As I said months ago, I wanted to stop using the blog as a navel-gazing forum. I felt it risked being too personal — which could both create problems for myself and other people and would turn it into nothing more than a public journal. A year ago, I decided to stop using it as a political forum because other people were doing it better and because it made me unhappy to consider how screwed our process is. I even burned out on Friday Fun music videos. I had a grand idea to FOCUS the blog — to give it an editorial bent — and make it stop being about ME.

The truth is though that the idea of focusing the content never really took root. There are areas and topics I'd love to explore more, but I don't have the time to make the blog even a part-time investigative endeavor. Nope. I have the time to use it as a fun little outlet for whatever catches my eye. Frankly, the truth is that Impolitic Eye always was about whatever caught my attention — whether personal and navel-gazing or public and political or badvertising and quirky. That said, I'm bringing Impolitic Eye back to its roots. I'm going to have fun digging into things again and accept that this particular forum can and should be just as quixotic and wide-ranging as my own interests.