Thursday, August 27, 2009

Buttercup's Back!

The kid came back last night. She was excited and clung to me when I met them at the door. I can hardly express how good it made me feel. I've spent weeks now trying to find balance in all aspects of my life, accentuating the positives and thinking about how the future can be even better. So when her face lit up, it made all of the thinking all of the pondering seem all that much better.

I'm glad she had a good couple of weeks with her mom and her mom's family. I'm also glad she was excited to be back. thankfully I had enough distractions that I didn't fall too far into my usual melancholy when she was gone. In fact, it was only at a couple moments this weekend when L caught me watching other kids that she said, "It's okay. She'll be back soon."

And now she is. Soon school will start. We'll buy school supplies. We'll make a trip to IKEA to upgrade her room from little girl space to big kid space. Plans for the near and medium future will (hopefully) continue to form and take shape. Life will be good. It just takes a smile and a laugh — and remembering to smile and laugh yourself.