Monday, April 06, 2009


On NPR this morning, there was an interesting set of back-to-back pieces. The first was on willpower and what effect the loss of willpower has on people's ability to find motivation in their lives. The piece that immediately followed dealt with a marathoner who could no longer run. What struck me about the pieces was the way both issues dealt with identity crises.

I'll ponder more on that later when I have time...


Another (quasi-related) thought that occurred to me last week: Improvisation offers the chance for haphazard excellence while perfection offers the opportunity of disciplined completion. In the case of failure, then, improvisation offers a built-in excuse if something isn't perfect, while perfection offers no such wiggle room.


So, there you have it... A couple of disjointed thoughts for a rainy Monday morning. If I make the time and find the discipline, I may even write through a more cogent connection.