Thursday, March 12, 2009

A morning in the life

2:36 — Wake up. Think the clock is lying. Try to retrieve paper. Go back to bed.
6:00 — First alarm goes off. Snooze.
6:08 — Look at clock and think of the things that need to happen. Roll over for two more minutes.
6:10 — Second alarm. Realize that I am exhausted from sleeping poorly and feel congested. Hit snooze.
6:15 — Roll out of bed and check in Banana's room. Her light is on, but she's still in bed.
6:20 — Ready to walk dog. Banana says she wants to sleep a little more and turns light off.
6:21 — Remember that ballet clothes are dirty and need to be washed for ballet today.
6:22 — Fill bathroom sink with Woolite and water. Soak leotard and tights. Head out with dog.
6:43 — Return with dog. Give him biscuit. Check on Banana, still asleep.
6:44 — Decide to let kid sleep while making coffee and taking shower.
6:47 — Perform a quick clean of the kitchen and work on soaking ballet clothes.
6:55 — Shower. Skip shaving for the sake of time.
7:02 — Water in shower goes very hot. Thank the stars that Banana is up.
7:05 — Out of shower.
7:06 — Kitchen. Banana. Yogurt. Granola. Bowl and spoons. Coffee.
7:10 — Dressed and rinsed ballet clothes.
7:11 — Pull laundry out of dryer. Toss ballet clothes in. Run on Fluff setting to pull water out.
7:15 — Chat with Banana. Make smoothie. Start pulling her lunch together. Kill ants.
7:20 — Go through piles on counter. Talk to Banana about weekend plans. Lose focus on counter stuff.
7:28 — Vitamins.
7:34 — Send Banana off to get dressed. Decide not to push her on putting her bowl in the sink. Best to avoid wrinkles.
7:36 — Check ballet stuff. Still very wet. Switch to low heat cycle.
7:39 — Change lunch routine and add TJ's Cheese Crunch snacks.
7:42 — Quick check of email and revised weather forecast.
7:48 — Banana still in robe. Advise her that clothes need to happen ASAP.
7:51 — Ask Banana which candy she wants for a treat in lunch.
7:53 — Negotiate with her briefly as she asks why the Christmas candy sunflower seeds are no longer in the candy-cane-shaped tube.
7:55 — Check ballet gear and realize I'll have to come back for it at lunchtime.
7:56 — Banana reminds me she has an extra leotard and tights. Feel silly for scrambling.
7:58 — Ask Banana to stop trying to brush down a cowlick and get socks and shoes on.
8:01 — Resist urge to yell when Banana goes on a search for a bag for the journal she is taking to school.
8:02 — Take bags to car and start it instead.
8:04 — Breathe. Take quick mental inventory of what I have and/or need.
8:07 — Twelve minutes past optimal leaving time.
8:08 — Lock door and follow Banana to car.
8:12 — Sign in at before-school care. Hug.
8:14 — On road to office. Breathe. Start listening — actually listening — to Morning Edition.
8:34 — Arrive at work.