Thursday, March 05, 2009

lost things, pt. 1

I went in search of my scarf again this morning. Yesterday, on returning to work I looked for it to hold back the cold, but without luck. This might be uneventful but for the fact that I no longer know where the other scarves I had are either. This would also seem uneventful if not for the fact that I feel like my life has turned into an inventory of lost things. I wish I had the eloquence of Elizabeth Bishop. to pull it into a villanelle that rattles the emotional cages as well. Failing that, a simple list of items I've recently thought of will have to suffice.

Three scarves
Spare car key and LED flashlight
McDermott pool cue (though I have a vague suspicion of its location)
Light brown merino v-neck sweater
Small cast iron skillet

Having titled this Part One, I intend to keep up a running list as I think of these things.