Tuesday, March 17, 2009

busy, busy, but not too busy for St. Pat's Day

Between life, laundry, work projects, pro-bono work, PTA meetings, and who-knows-what-the-hell-else, there just hasn't been much time for relaxing or slowing down. Thankfully, Banana has been remarkably helpful and good through it all. I will admit a bit of a shock for this morning when she wrapped her hair up with a rubber band to get it to be wavy before school. Better that little burgeoning bit of vanity and getting out of the house on time, I suppose, than wondering why the bed's not made, the dog's not fed, and wondering why we're twenty minutes late.

At least in honor of the day, I can put up a bit of Dervish. Saw these guys in Galway in 2001 and then in Richmond in 2006. Good stuff...