Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fun

It's a strange time. There is so much potential and joy in life and so many creative possibilities that are beginning to gain some traction. At the same time, the level of fear in the anxiety in the world around combined with my endemic fear that the worst may happen keep everything feeling a little unsettled for me and so many of the people I know. That said, let's split the mood a little this week...

Mavis Staples pulls out some classic strains.

Michael Franti drops the politics for a few minutes and dives into pure joy. I can't wait for his show next week.

And then there's this one from BPA featuring David Byrne. Caught it on WNRN this week and was utterly infected by it. Fair warning: the video is moderately NSFW unless you have a very understanding boss and coworkers.

Feel free to throw suggestions for tracks popping to mind in the comments.