Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming Back

I'm coming back. Regularly. I swear I am. The happy hangover of the election has left me as speechless as did the final months of the race, but I'm going to be giving daily attention to this blog soon. Part of it depends on getting a new MacBook—it's easier for me to work when I'm not constrained to a single desk. Part of it also depends on the direction I plan to take the blog.

Politics will probably never leave Impolitic Eye altogether, but I have to admit that writing about politics doesn't particularly make me happy. I am reminded of a recent story on NPR about Berkeley Breathed's decision to end Opus. I am addicted to politics, but I prefer writing about parenting—particularly life as a full-time single father—and advertising and design. Food, of course, is an essential piece of the blog.

I guess the point is there are plenty of people covering the political beat, from small blogs to massive communities. If Impolitic Eye is going to have value beyond offering a public diary of my life, I want to find the ideas, the mental places where that value can be best realized.