Sunday, September 07, 2008

Whole Foods hits Richmond

And it hit with a gigantic bang. I headed out there late this morning, thinking that Sunday morning should be relatively quiet. No way. Not even. The place was packed. I have a feeling Trader Joe's will be similarly mobbed when it opens soon. Yet another reason I'm amazed it took so long for these stores to land in Richmond... and perhaps another testament to how much the population of Richmond has changed since Fresh Fields (later bought out by Whole Foods) opened a store here in 1994.

I will say this for Whole Foods: it has Banana's stamp of approval. Realizing that I would be too busy this afternoon to roast a chicken, I bought one of their rotisserie birds. She declared it some of the best chicken she has ever had, and asked for me to put a leg in her lunch tomorrow. That's a first.


On a side note, I've been remiss about the blog again. Life, life, life...