Sunday, September 21, 2008

The market return

After a few weeks off, I made it back to the market yesterday. There is no doubt that Whole Foods has cut into my market purchases. Nonetheless, I came away with some absolutely beautiful produce.

The heirloom tomatoes and peppers have continued to come in. Lettuces are back, and I can't wait for the fall weather to bring more varieties. The pac choi was in again, and I plan to stir fry some with locally made tofu and bamboo shoots tomorrow. Tart and crisp apples have finally appeared. There were a few hawkers trying to rid themselves of watermelons, getting the price down to two melons for three dollars. I was tempted, but I had to remind myself that Banana and I rarely make it through half a watermelon—never mind two. So it was a good, if smaller than usual, trip to Forest Hill.

That said, Banana and I had a couple of long days. She was slated to have the weekend with Banana Mère, but it was a little mixed up with a party with some pool friends yesterday afternoon and a block party on our street this afternoon. It made for a grand, tiring time.

Fast forward to this evening when I was facing down dinner preparations with a tired, potentially-cranky girl on the couch. I looked at the beautiful array of veggies on the cutting board, and came up with a perfect, easy solution.

Penne burro e parmigiano with garlic, fresh basil, a few tomatoes, and olives. Seven ingredients to make for a simple and delicious meal.

(P.S. — Excuse the poor-quality photos. The phone, not the camera, was handy at the moment I needed it.)