Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fun - Steve Earle edition

Given the season we're in now and the madcap antics of certain leaders, this man's songwriting comes to mind a great deal.

I don't necessarily love the video antics added to this, but the performance is clean and beautiful.

This one reminds me that as much as I like Earle on his own, I also think he was stronger with the Dukes. They were a tight band, and really remarkable live.

And finally, the song he opened with on the night I first saw him in March 2001. It was a hell of a show, the end of this tour, and Earle and the Dukes tore up the setlist and played for more than three hours. A friend lost track at 34 songs. That night is also, in large part, responsible for Banana's existence since I met Banana mère at that show. What a long, crazy, transcendental trip it's been...