Tuesday, August 19, 2008

meltdowns, a recipe

Here's the recipe:
  • Take one (1) tired six year-old.
  • Add a divorce.
  • Add one (1) corn dog, one (1) small bag of goldfish, and one (1) ice cream pop.
  • Make the child run around all day, followed by an extra hour of playground time.
  • Add two (2) parents to play off each other, but keep the parents from taking the bait.
  • Whisk lightly and watch the results. Then duck because the meltdown the six year-old will have will be beyond epic proportions. Also, prepare your constitution for the child to say some mean things and not to listen to you.
  • Reset your patience meter.
  • Add one (1) fruit popsicle, two (2) whole wheat bread, and cartoons to taste while allowing the mixture to calm down.
  • Hope that this is the worst it gets.