Monday, July 21, 2008

childhood classics

As a kid, I played obsessively with Legos. They went everywhere with me. I had battles with them, built castles, spaceships, the whole deal. I remember the beginning of the transition to specialized pieces and kits with motors. For better or for worse, that movement defines most of the Lego business now. In fact, go into a toy store and it seems like you have to search out the classic bricks. The usual meme is that kids are taught to be less inventive now because everything is specialized and ready-to-go. Whether this is true or not will be very hard to judge.

Regardless, I just came across these videos on Gizmodo. Jesus Diaz took a tour of place, which is just mind-blowing in its complexity. If you click through to the rest of his Lego posts, there's even a Lego Airbus. It's like a pipe dream for the little boy I was thirty years ago, the little boy who carried his little brown suitcase of Legos everywhere.