Friday, July 04, 2008

bloggin' the Fourth, pt. 2

So, we find ourselves down at Edgewater for the annual party. The usual band is playing, minus their full set of amplifiers. It was quieter, but nice to see them roving about.

As the cannon rumbles, so must the cannon be lit. Repeatedly.

(At least no one decided to shoot Betsy's favorite broom into the bay this year.)

The pit. In some places, it might be used for a pig. Others, clams or lobsters. Here, beans and moose.

No lobsters this year, but we did pull a pretty hefty run of salmon and crab legs. Once you dive into crab legs, you realize how wonderful the meat is—and why it's so expensive... it's damned difficult to get enough out of them!

As the night (and beer) wore on, the evening turned to a perfect color. Minus, of course, the mosquitoes.