Saturday, May 31, 2008

future eye

I finally managed a couple of decent posts tonight. (Please be sure to scroll down for them.) I've been thinking a lot about the future of this blog, my writing, my various interests, and my professional life. That said, I want to continue to focus this blog on advertising, politics, parenting, food, music, and whatever else piques my interest, but I also have the urge to get back to my work on Coney Island.

To that end, I've begun to think through a second blog built around my research and writing on Brooklyn and Coney Island. Ultimately, I'd like to make this a project that evolves beyond a blog into its own site. I see it as one way to bring together my work as a designer and my yen for writing. Beyond that, the more I've thought about Coney (and New York as a whole) at the turn of the century, the more I've become convinced that words alone cannot encompass the whole story.

Any thoughts and reactions are welcome.