Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Life with Banana

So, this morning, we both woke up late, and I had to ride herd on Banana to get ready for school. We also have a bit of a crisis because her ballet shoes have gone missing. They're easily replaceable, but my bank account is still in the post-Christmas hangover. Anyway, I asked her to help find them; she trotted off dutifully. Until about ten minutes later. That's when I found her wearing a Santa hat and reading a book about frogs we were taking back to the library. As she walked around "looking" for her shoes Part of me wanted to get mad because we were on the verge of being late, but I had to laugh anyway: Hanna Andersson twirl dress, pink boots, Santa hat, frog book. That's my little girl.

And we still made it to school on time. Even if the ballet shoes are still MIA.