Sunday, October 21, 2007

Snotty aka Snobby

We went out to Short Pump Town Center, one of Richmond's "lifestyle centers," this afternoon to check out the Apple store and buy a new pair of Jack Purcell's for me. We went to Saxon's, the Richmond shoe-buying institution, which is where I bought my current pair eleven years ago.

Now, granted, I didn't exactly look polished and moneyed in my t-shirt, shorts, and battered Converse. Nonetheless, I was still a potential (and past) customer, and there was no cause for the salesman to snap at me haughtily when I asked if they still carried the Jack Purcell's. (They did not.) When I followed up with questions about lug-sole black oxfords, the salesman seemed entirely put out to have to answer any other questions. Assholes. I'd rather risk buying shoes online.

When I walked out of there, Saxon had lost a customer. I may buy shoes for Banana there in the future, but I will not subject myself to that kind of attitude from salesmen. Especially when I'm willing to pay for good shoes.