Monday, October 15, 2007

parenting moments — late-night potty trips

For the past couple weeks, I've done my best to watch the clock after Banana goes to bed. There's approximately a two and a half hour window, and if I miss it, I will be washing sheets again. Now, taking her to the toilet two hours after she goes to sleep doesn't guarantee there won't be another potty accident in the course of the night, but at least it decreases the likelihood.

The potty accidents started to happen a year and a half ago--when the recent marital meltdown happened. Even though Banana Mère insisted that there wasn't a correlation, it doesn't take much to find that the meltdown and the potty accidents match. After things cooled down, however, the potty accidents became rare. When they happened, she had had too much juice or water before bed, and the result was an accident.

For the past few months, though, the potty accidents have become a regular occurrence. I have worried over them. I have asked other parents--many of whom have similar problems with their children. I have read books. I have spoken to the pediatrician. The verdict for all of these people is that this is an age-appropriate issue--an inconvenience, not a problem. Banana Mère insists that there should be solutions to this--from conditioning with a "special" nightgown to walking her to the bathroom rather than carrying. Everyone else recommends one of three options: Pull-ups; lots of sheets and bed pads; and waking her up to go.

Clearly, I've chosen the last option, with the second as a back-up. Banana Mère's nightgown idea is a loser so far, and Banana is just as asleep whether walked or carried to the bathroom. Ah well, she lives with me full-time; so the choice most of the time is mine.

So is the extra laundry.