Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Octoberfests - the seasonal appendix

Clearly, I am a beer geek, but the brewers of tonight's tasting selection are in a different league altogether. First off, the guys at St. George Brewing Company don't sell their Fall Bock ("a seasonal brew") by the six-pack or in big bottles. Instead, this beer is in standard 12-ounce single bottles. Second, their description reads as follows:
heavy body, light amber color, low perceived bitterness, high malt flavor, medium/balanced hoppiness, no diacetyl, medium carbonation

They used the "diacetyl." I have to consult my beer-brewing books to even remember what that means.

But this is about how the beer tastes, right? That said, I'll counter their beer-geek description by saying that this beer tastes like delicious blend of crisp air, cider donuts, macaroni and cheese, and the ALCS.