Thursday, October 18, 2007

National Folk Festival

Quick notes back on the weekend...

  • There were fewer acts this year than the past two years. This was fine because we spent more time with Banana's friends than trying to catch music. Still, there were too many open blocks on the schedule.

  • The more exotic acts (the gourd band, the Chinese clown, the flea circus, and more) in the children's area in previous years were more popular with Banana.

  • The crowds--175K, more than any other NFF location--were a shock (!) to the powers-that-be in Richmond. With any luck, the Richmond Folk Festival will not be co-opted by the powers-that-be; if anyone can screw up a good thing, they can.

  • Phenomenal tap dancing, great Acadian music, fascinating Phillipino drumming, no throat singing

  • Punch and Judy is PG-13.

  • We'll have to pray that we get decent rain in the months before next year's festival. No more dustbowls!