Monday, October 08, 2007

global warming as a benefit?

So according to this diary on Daily Kos, Fox News has begun to spin global warming as a positive. Their argument is that the race for the arctic is a race for resources, not a race to retard the apparent acceleration of global warming.

What continues to amaze me is the ability of the conservative noise machine, shaped by Fox News, to perpetuate skeptical fictions about climate change. I worry that 20 years from now our kids will look back as they come of age and wonder what the hell was going on--as they deal with all the collateral problems that are likely to come from the changing climate.

For example, it is a warm, muggy night in New York. It was 80+ degrees on the coast of Maine this weekend. Blueberries come in earlier than ever. Growing seasons are changing all over. Droughts are getting more intense in regions all over the country. Parts of Maine haven't experienced a killing freeze in two years. I could go on and on, and the only thing that could convince me that this is cyclical is a record. But there are no records showing this sort of shift.

Read the Kos story, and tell me how many canaries (or walruses and polar bears) it will take for the naysayers to wake up.