Thursday, September 06, 2007

Princess Valiant

A year ago, Banana decided that she wanted her bangs to be short. She disappeared into the bathroom at her mother's apartment with a pair of scissors and wound up with bangs reminiscent of Prince Valiant. It was that cute but slightly horrifying moment almost every parent of a girl talks about--the moment when that little girl takes her coiffure in her own hands. It's just a bit of a surprise.

But it's only supposed to happen once, right?

Unfortunately, she was at mommy's apartment yesterday afternoon, and while mommy was doing some reading for class, Banana decided she wanted a bob cut like one of her friends. Her bangs were completely gone before Banana Mere realized what was happening. (Oy.) Banana Mere did her best to clean up the now-nonexistent bangs (I mean, we're talking millimeters) and finish and clean up the bob cut. So now, my daughter has created a look I'll call the Princess Valiant. She is quite proud of it.

Her teacher's comment this morning may have been the best yet, however: "Oh my. Well, at least it's cute."