Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Octoberfests, pt. 3

It's a major showdown tonight.

First challenger: Victory Festbier
These guys make some killer beers--cf. Golden Monkey and Prima Pils. This take on the traditional Octoberfest is pretty damn good, too. It loses points on being a little too sweet and malty. They gain points by noting on the label, "Brewed and bottled ... at our sole location in Downingtown, PA." A bit of the craft/micro vs. the macro/micro, eh? Anyway, the Festbier is tasty, but not perfect.

Second challenger: Brooklyn Oktoberfest
Those of you who have known me for years know that I consider Brooklyn Beers to be the perfect beers. Those of you who agree with me will understand that this Oktoberfest is perfect. The only point where I grade them down is that they have turned the corner into a full macro/micro. They brew the beers in Utica, and the days of generic caps on small craft-brewed batches are gone. Yes, business must grow, but I still miss the days when some of their beers were never distributed outside of Brooklyn. Maybe I just miss New York. Oh, and the beer? Malty but not too sweet, good body, perfect balance.

Third challenger was to be Ayinger. It will have to wait until tomorrow.