Thursday, September 20, 2007

A customer service winner...

On Saturday evening, I discovered that my bike had been stolen. It was a nice bike, a '99 Trek 6500 with a Topeak child seat mounted on the back. I'd traveled with the bike since '99 and enjoyed it. And no matter how carefully I locked it last weekend, someone had good enough bolt cutters to cut the cable and take the bike and the helmets on the other side of the porch. (That's the sad part, because it means someone pointedly stole from a child.)

Anyway, I called the police when I realized it was gone. Then I called USAA. Over the next couple days, I made a formal police report and gave a claims report to USAA. Today--less than five days later--USAA deposited a settlement to my savings account.

They deserve kudos for prompt, effective service. Now Banana and I can begin commuting by bike again. Less than a week later.