Friday, August 24, 2007

The Courtship of Eddie's Father - flipside

I was reminded this morning why I also resent the model presented by the Tom Corbetts of pop culture.

There are piles of boxes around because I still haven't gotten things in place since the move. Art is not up on the walls yet because I want bookcases to go up first. The TV and stereo are still on an old table and cords are cluttering the corner. The lighting in the place is half-assed at best. There are tumbleweeds of Reilly's hair that roll around no matter how many times the vacuum is run. There are bags and boxes of stuff for Goodwill. The kitchen floor needs to be mopped. Either I'm too busy or too distracted or too tired or too much of a slacker to take care of everything, it seems.

But what it really seems is that no matter how many lifehacks I do, no matter how organized I am, no matter how much I scrimp and save money, I am not a successful media exec character in a TV show. And there is no Mrs. Livingston to keep everything neat, clean, cooked, and in perspective.

I'll keep trying though. Since I can't afford Mrs. Livingston, maybe I can find an electric grandmother.