Tuesday, June 26, 2007

vacation notes

I'll probably post a run of these to Flickr, but here's a quick taste...

There was a run of jellyfish that had been beached today. This was one:

Reilly loves it up here, but he's definitely getting older. Pictures like this remind me of that fact:

Let's see the inventory in this one: Coffee cup (I had to go up to Dunbar's Store to grind the Whole Foods beans this morning since I forgot no one has put a coffee grinder in the house yet. And apparently I don't plan to either.), pint container for shells and rocks, Hanna Andersson dress, new L.L. Bean shoes, ledge on the Maine coast. What price a stereotype?

It's a stone, just a stone. The simple pleasure of finding a treasure like this meets that wonderful texture of the beach below her feet, however, and it's also a reminder of why I love this place.