Monday, June 04, 2007


The actual surgery took 15 minutes, the pre- and post-op time two hours each. I spent the rest of the day and evening feeling woozy and a little lost from all the sedatives and morphine they had pumped in my system. The next day I woke up for a bit, and then realized that being up and moving around was not what I needed to do. By the afternoon, though, I found a few bursts of energy to organize things around the house. Meanwhile, my mother was tackling the kitchen. Later that evening, the pain crept in again. The next morning I was feeling good enough to do a little more around the house. After we took the bandage off, however, there was a whole new set of sensations. Taking a shower was phenomenal, but having shirts rubbing against the sutures hurt. By this morning, then, I moved off the percocet altogether.

The remarkable part is that my body already feels better. I feel looser without having the bullet back there. And stronger. This is good.

In other news, Tyrone Singleton has been released from custody. The detectives claim to have other leads, and they now have the bullet to use for forensic evidence. I want to move on from this, but I also want the fucker to be caught.