Thursday, May 31, 2007

Target steals designs.

We were cruising around Target this afternoon for the first post-move Tar-zhay run. I was, of course, putting more in the cart than expected, and breaking the basic budgeting rules by not coming with a list. Anyway, we wandered into kitchen wares and Banana asked if we could get the pink and purple cups. At $1.99 for four, I was fine with it. At the next end-cap, however, I saw familiar looking cups and utensils.

Anyone with kids and an IKEA nearby knows the utensils, bowls, and cups I'm referring to. They are ubiquitous, with design flourishes that make them popular with the kids too. Target's versions are in the some of the same colors, but they lack the funky utensil tops that let the kids figure out which piece is which.

Thankfully, Banana still preferred the tumblers to the knock-offs.