Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spring Beers pt. 6

Yet another installment...

1. Bock from Anchor
This was a tasty bock with a sweet, malty turn to the flavor. I would almost be tempted to describe the sweetness as chocolatey. The body was full, but not so full that I couldn't drink a few of them. (Full disclosure: this is the first one I've bought in a six-pack.)

2. Two Hearted Ale from Bell's
Yes, it's another beer from Bell's. Clearly, I have a bit of an obsession with Bell's these days. And there's good reason. This one is another damn fine example of its style, in this case the classic IPA. The flavor is sharp, crisp, and full of hops. At 7%, it's got a bit of a kick, but any good IPA should. There are certain breweries--Brooklyn and Fat Tire, for example--that rarely make a mis-step; Bell's is now in that category.