Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Beers pt. 5

For tonight's selections, I moved out of the Midwest and opted for the other coast and another flavor — Pilsners from Cali...

1. Scrimshaw from North Coast Brewing
The label calls this a "Pilsner Style Beer," an apt description of this mild pils. It has a nice clean hoppy finish, but I can't get over how mild it is. Maybe I'm spoiled by some of the really hoppy pilsners out there, but this one didn't leap out the way I'd hoped.

2. Lagunitas Pils from Lagunitas Brewing
I'm curious to taste more from these guys. This was a crisp, interesting brew with enough hops to give it good character, but not so much that it overwhelmed the other flavors. I have to give these guys props for label design, too. The weathered look and line-drawing are something I've become partial to lately. I like the weaving of random copy into the design, too. In particular, I love the small-caps note in the deposit line: "(WHOA...)"