Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring Beers pt. 3

Moving to Europe for part of this evening's selections was a mixed decision.

1. Erdinger Pikantus Weizen-Bock from Erdinger [in case you read German]
Figures that a near-perfect beer comes from the Germans... anyway, this was a fine example of a weizen-bock. The taste was nice and malty, with a light balance of hops. the color was bronze, with a nice head on it. In short, it was great.

2. Hofbrau Dunkel from Hofbrauhaus Munchen
The first whiff out of the bottle had a bit of skunk to it, and the first few sips worried me. Given a little air and time in the glass, the taste improved. It turned out to be a good Dunkel--basic, but good.

3. Bell's Lager from Bell's Beer in K-zoo
According to the web site, the batch my bottle came from was bottled on January 11. Being able to track this information is very cool, and very geeky. Anyway, this was a lager that tasted more like a pilsner on the first sips, not surprising given the Pils malt. Anyway, this was a crisp, clean beer that drank easily. It certainly kept up the standards of the other Bell's beers I've enjoyed. (And for the record there will be a couple of Bell's in tomorrow's run.)