Tuesday, May 15, 2007

dead frog baby

Banana came back from her weekend with Mommy with two baby frogs in tow. They were tiny, maybe the size of small crickets, and she'd found them on the ground just after they left the water at a state park south of town.

The frogs came home with us. Banana put a home together for them in one of her many bug and animal containers. The home consisted of a few rocks, some dirt, and a small lid full of water. The frogs hopped around, and I suggested to Anna that she probably should leave them alone.

Fastforward two days. Anna came to get me after my shower this morning to ask wheterh the frog stretched out in the small lid of water was sleeping or dead. "Sleeping," she thought. But I said it probably just hadn't been able to make it. Meanwhile, the other one seems strong, almost feisty. Banana has decided this is the girl-frog--the frogs were indistinguishable to my eye, but almost-five year-olds see remarkable things.