Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stop signs are not suggestions!

I watched a girl in an '07 3-series tear through a stop sign this morning on her way to grabbing a parking spot. What makes it worse is that this particular stop sign is directly in front of the VCU Child Development Center. Being the absurdly self-righteous individual that I am, I followed them down the street to the parking spot, where I said, "Do you realize you just blew through a stop sign in front of a school where there are young children and parents?" My tone wasn't exactly nice, either.

The boyfriend in the passenger seat laughed incredulously, and the girl dripped poor-little-rich-girl smugness when she said, "Excuse me? Would you mind your own business?"

"I'm minding the business of the kids and parents who go there, like my daughter used to." The girl closed the window and flipped me off. Bitch.

Granted I could have used a less confrontational approach, but what I really don't get is the sense of entitlement so many people carry. The very attitude that breaking the law is somehow not my or anyone else's business. The very idea that she (or all the people she represents in this argument) can't be held accountable. And shouldn't be. Aargh! Too bad it's pollyanna-ish to wish for a more civil society...