Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Brilliant, just brilliant...

So, here's an idea for how you SHOULDN'T fight a war on terrorism: be so impatient to announce the capture of a high value target (something the Bushies desperately wanted during the DNC so as to take the shine off Kerry's party) that you blow the cover of a mole who might actually have helped lead us to the person who really WAS responsible for September 11th. Surely the announcement of his name--not for political reasons, of course--would look good; never mind the fact that anyone who was in any way linked to him would go even further underground and any plans that he might have been involved in would likely be scuttled. Sort of raises an important question: what's the high value target here--poll numbers or killers? Of course, should anyone question the motives, there's a simple response: lie until there's another news story to cover your asses. Thanks Karl and Condi.